Thursday, February 2, 2012

BeeTours™ & FreeBee™ Fridays!

Happy Winter! 
In spite of the picture, it has been unbelievably beautiful beautiful that we are getting ready to fly again. Last year I flew in weather as cold as 24 Degrees with an electric vest, electric gloves and electric shocks; that is not the case this Winter.
And now the reason for posting....on the front page of the new web site, I mentioned BeeTours™ & FreeBee™ Fridays!  This is our way of bring a show to you. Some of you are able to make it to a show but generally, most of you are not able to attend. It is for that reason that HoneyBee G2, LLC is coming to a city near you, at least one that should be closer than you are to the 2012 shows. 
To accomplish all of that, we will be bringing a Two Place Tandem/a single place in the new high bay 32' trailer pulled by the One Ton 3500 GMC Flatbed Truck we affectionately refer to as the Chick Magnet!  The BeeTours™ are designed to fit in between the Spring & Summer Show Schedules. The FreeBee™ Fridays are planned for times when we are not at the major shows or a  BeeTour™.   I will have a schedule up on the Blog (not the web page) in the next month. Thanks for staying tuned....
For now, just know that we are doing our best to get as close to as many of you as we can this year! I appreciate your patience. Thank you! 
See you soon, 

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