Friday, March 1, 2013

Even More Deluxe!

Good morning!

Since the very early days of the HoneyBee G2 Project, there has been a desire to have a beautiful instrument pod. We did not want one that came from a wholesaler somewhere or was on every other Gyroplane.  With that serving as the prime motivator, that effort created what is today our Deluxe Instrument Pod. Many people have commented on how good it looks on the G2. I looks great on all of our aircraft. 

In the spirit of building a better G2 in everything we do, we collectively agreed that though it looked great, it was difficult to manage what was behind the panel. 

With that in mind, we came up with a new "access panel" (shown above) that is an absolute HOME RUN to make this part of the G2 even better.  The new "access panel" will be held in place with 1/4 turn fasteners and will allow for easy access to all the wiring that used to be hard to get to.  

Isn't this what you have come to expect? 
Committed to building Great Gyroplanes!

Folding Mast Update

Good morning! Three weeks until Spring!

Last Spring our crew loaded up the HoneyBee G2, 2PT  and  Ultralight, in our 32' trailer and headed for Florida.  Some of us drove with the equipment, the majority flew. Without retelling the entire story, that was a long trip. It was that experience that caused us to seriously begin the process of designing a folding mast system on our 2PT. 

Since then, all of the engineering has been completed and the first example (shown here) is ready to bolt onto the aircraft.  For those that want the "Folding Mast Option", it can always be added to an existing frame in a matter of a couple hours. Also, this option allows a 2PT to fit into an 8' opening which is great for garages or lower trailers.  

We will have an update and more details on this option as we get warmer weather and begin flying again. 

Have a great day!