Enclosure UPDATE! (Updated 2/12/12)

For those that have been following the HoneyBee G2 Enclosure, it has been such a fun part of the project. We have been dreaming right along with most of you about just how to make the function of the good looks to be played out in real life.

This major collaborative effort between our Engineering Staff and the sheer genius of Mr. Tony Morrill is turning out absolutely perfect!  Honestly, I have never worked with a more talented guy who so naturally hits mark on aircraft design! 

Great Job Tony!

Outside Rudders are same area & size as the Middle Vertical Stab/Rudder
Note:  Rudders are all functional and aerodynamically balanced

Large Baggage areas are designed to carry full set of Golf Clubs 

The Doors are designed for easy loading & unloading

The Chrome Coloring Makes It Look Even Faster!

Pure Elegance!