Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome Dave Yant!

Doesn't Dave Look Good In PINK...
HoneyBee G2 is thrilled that Dave Yant has joined our Team!

Dave brings a great background of rotorcraft & aviation experience to our Team and it is great to have him on-board. His role will oversee all manufacturing, kit shipments and builder completions.  His role with HoneyBee G2 will even extend to oversight into the world of Gyroplane Training Centers International beginning in the Spring.  

Dave is not only a great rotorcraft mechanic but of equal importance to our Team is that he flies gyroplanes!  He got his start flying gyroplanes with one of the last G1's that were built in 2000.  In fact, that is how I met Dave in 2008.  I got a call from a college buddy (Dan Dantema) who invited me to come to Pinconning, MI and do a flight demonstration in one of the club members (Dave Yant's) original HoneyBee Gyros, a G1. I gladly accepted the opportunity and a little over three years later, Dave is here and on staff with HoneyBee G2!  Check out Dave's background.....

As a Helicopter A & P Mechanic...                                                                                                                           
  • He performed overhaul inspections and upkeep on a fleet of  Bell helicopters under Part 135 Operations including remote field bases. He coordinated field aircraft repairs & part requirements and assisted in strict fleet maintenance schedules for each aircraft.
  • As part of this, he documented all maintenance and repairs made to each aircraft providing a detailed history of all activities performed to each aircraft.

Dave is just what we needed!

As I have mentioned to you before, the best way to make a friend for life is to fly gyroplanes together. Dave is one of those guys that I just love being with....I can't wait for you to meet him. 

Welcome aboard Dave!  


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving To One & All!

Good afternoon!  

As the work week comes to a close, I wanted to wish all of you "Happy Thanksgiving"!  

It is hard to believe that it is already Thanksgiving again. What is even harder to believe is that our staff is already working on the 2012 Spring (Bensen Days) and Summer (EAA/PRA) Shows.  A couple of days after these events are over and it will be Thanksgiving again. Isn't it funny how the days fly by when you love what you do.

Take time to "bee" with your families!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ultralight HoneyBee G2: UPDATE

New UL Owner!
Good morning to all you Ultralight Gyroplane fans!

As you might expect, the statistics of this blog have consistently shown that the HoneyBee G2 Ultralight is a major favorite globally.  There are as many people following my posts on the UL as there for the Two Place Tandem.  

The challenge of creating a "great" (not just okay or good) flying UL Gyroplane is to make it safe and easy to fly. On top of this, it has to perform well.  That's exactly what we have done!  

I recently flew our UL and it is exactly what we want it to be.  The 202 performed flawlessly!  

Here are a few of the upgrades that are currently on our Ultralight HoneyBee G2 Gyroplane. 

  1. Engine: The original engine was an MZ 201. This is a great engine but it did not provide us with the performance profile that we were looking for. The UL engine been upgraded to the MZ 202. WOW! What a difference that made.  
  2. Plating: Jeremy did a  full review of loads and load paths which has allowed us to reduce the plating layouts in about 3/4 of the airframe. Since the UL was a downstream "child" from our heavier Single Place Frames, it is no wonder that the UL was overbuilt. We now have doublers where we need them and light plating where we don't.
  3. New Tail: The new, carbon fiber-composite tail with an ultra simple hinging system saves us 13 pounds.
  4. Wheels: The light weight, Azusa Light/wheels/tires saved us 6 pounds!
  5. Rotor Head: Back in 1998, I designed our G1 Rotor Head; it is now standard on the UL.
  6. Brakes: Nose wheel and Rotor Head brakes are both Hydraulic units and work great
  7. Pre-rotator: Soft Start is standard
  8. Panel: Grand Rapids Technology is standard with Rotor Tachometer....and more! 
Could this be a fully enclosed UL?
After flying (and lovin' it!) the one in the pictures for a couple of days, it was finally time to pack it up and send it home.  Our staff fell in love with this little UL so much that we decided to build one for "our own use" so that we can keep it around for awhile.

Boy oh boy, do I love flying UL's!