Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bensen Days & S-N-F Rides...

Good evening! 

I just wanted to give everyone an update on the "Rides List" for Bensen Days... For now, anyone that is added to the Rides List for Bensen Days will be put on a "stand by-waiting list" and or if you wish, be placed on the rides during "Sun-N-Fun List".   Scheduling for both weeks will be managed  with our staff on the ground in Wauchula.  If you get on that list, we will provide you with a number to call for confirmation. 

Just so you can understand our reasons, it is our plan to fly into and out of Lakeland during that show when the airport is actually "open for flying". The reason we are approaching S-N-F this way this year is because it is simply too far to bring our staff, vehicles and aircraft to have people not be able to find us in Chopper Town or be grounded because of airshows that go on and on and on all day long. We are going to Florida to fly with you! 

For now if you are planning to go to S-N-F specifically (and not to Bensen Days) and you want to schedule a ride in the HoneyBee G2 Tandem please continue to email me at Fly-A-G2@HoneyBeeG2  and I will officially, for the record, get you on the list!

Let's go flying!

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