Friday, January 11, 2013

New Tail Material!

Good morning!  Happy 2013! It is hard to believe that we are already 11 days into the New Year! 

Topic for this morning...Over the life of the HoneyBee G2 Project, our Team (& customers) has always been thrilled with the quality and appearance of our tail surfaces. Honestly, our quality rivals anything coming out of a Part 23 Operation. They are a work of art for sure.  

After four years of producing these quality, labor intensive tails, our engineering efforts has now taken a different approach with our tail surfaces.  This change means that the tails are now made from "Honey Comb" sheet.  It is lighter, stronger, quicker to build and requires 400 less rivets! Ultimately, they absolutely provide a great solution, better durability, better hinging system (more on this later) and one more way to build an even better G2 Gyroplane line.  

Just an FYI...For those that are in the current production batch of airframes...Happy Birthday! You are also getting this upgrade. Not all bad eh?  

2013 is going to be a phenomenal year!

Stay tuned!