Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sneak Peek at Our 2012 Standard Panel

Good Afternoon!

It is a beautiful Winter day here in Hastings, Michigan! The temperatures have been in the mid 30's and the wind has been around 15 with gusts to 26 MPH; I should be out flying in a couple of hours. For now I am at my laptop faithfully posting to the Blog.  BTW, I am glad you like the new web pages and the role of the Blog.... (Thanks to my buddy Don for his wisdom on these matters. Also, thanks to all of you for the positive feedback!)

Today I thought I would give you a quick look our 2012 Model Year, Standard Panel layout.  There will be more pictures coming as the photo shoots are completed...

Our Stand Panel is shown here with:
1. A Garmin 196 in the Standard 196/296/396/496 AIRGIZMO Mount
2. An Optional ICOM A210 COM Radio.  
NOTE: Though an ICOM is shown here, we are hitching our brand wagon to Garmin 
3. An Optional Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
4. Below the central stack is the Standard GRT Avionics EIS
5. On the left: The required Standard Whiskey Compass
6.  A Standard 3 1/8" Airspeed Indicator
7. On the Right is the Moving Mast Controls (Two Place Tandem Only)
8. In the lower center, are all the switches and fuses. 

Overall, it is a very nice and functional panel and I like it much better than the prior editions on both the Pink Single Place High Performance or the panel on the 2PT. 

As Don and I begin to settle in on the new "Options" page on the website, we are going to try  breaking out what options are available on what frames and at what those respective costs are.  In other words, the Deluxe Pod show above will not be offered for the Ultralight G2 because of the weight restrictions of Part 103.  On the other hand, it could be added to the Microlight; the mounts are there for it and even though it is a lighter frame, the aircraft would look great with it.  As you might expect, the more capable the airframe the greater the option list will be.  For instance, the SP-HP and the 2PT will offer three (possible four) different panel options including a full-IFR panel with Autopilot.  This may seem silly to some but with the addition of the Full Enclosure and Climate Control, this kind of instrumentation makes for a really good cross country aircraft. 

On this "Options" Page we will also begin to list out the various options and combinations of enclosure possibilities.  The shell is progressing steadily along and the level of expertise that is going into the final design is amazing.  Because we have taken a very modular approach to its design, you are going to be able to approach "your" enclosure ala carte....meaning that you can put on a Nose Cone and Windscreen on yours and get out of the wind. You can put on a Nose Cone, Windscreen and the Upper Fairings on yours or you can put on a Nose Cone, a Windscreen and the Lower Fairings all of which leave you with the feel of an open frame. If you want to put in the Door Columns and the Rear Bulkhead you are now ready to put on the Doors and turn up the heat...and fly year around, even in Michigan!  The real question is what do you want your HoneyBee G2 to Be?   

How about color options with custom wraps? How about custom paint? You think we have not been busy around here....think again.

For now, it is time to go flying!

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