Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter Flying Anyone?

This Cat must love flying Gyros!
Welcome To Michigan....Winter Flying!!!

This Winter has been one of the warmest that I can remember in a long time although we have gotten some snow lately. The good news is that we have another week of "mild weather" coming this week; Mid 30's and only a moderate chance of more snow most days.  For those in the warmer climates, I am sure that it is hard to understand flying in this kind of Summer time our flying will include full and partial  enclosures.

Electric socks, gloves and vest let you dial up the heat!
With that said, there are a number of you coming this week to fly with me; bring warm clothes.   We have electric socks, gloves and vests; they make a huge difference.  If you grew up riding snowmobiles you will feel right at home.  It is actually quite comfortable....

The frame that you see in this picture is a Revision "B" frame with a number of upgrades: New Surrounds, Tip Rudders, New 2.21 Ratio Redrive, Panel, etc.  Our planned  photo shoot Friday was snowed out; more photos are coming! 

As to the flying qualities of this frame, it is absolutely marvelous. I will be putting up some testimonials in the next week and update the performance numbers with the 2.21 drive. For now, know that the "C" frames are absolutely beautiful, even in the snow!

Just like riding our Arctic Cat Snowmobile!
The 2.4L Monster Fan has a 140Amp Alternator to keep you warm!

Come on...Let's go flying! 

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Don said...

I remember back in the day the old boys in Michigan would take a tube from a shroud around the muffler and run it to there snowsuits. Flying open frame is the best. Well here in Florida anyway. Looking forward to Benson days see you there.

Tampa, Fl