Monday, April 4, 2011

Sun-N-Fun Is Done!

The 2011 Sun-N-Fun show is now history!  Our staff has  learned how much work it has been for those that came to the show to get to and "find" Chopper Town.  Even as an exhibitor, we had a tough time finding it the first time.  A number of the manufacturers will be talking to the SNF Management about the location and the less than accommodating conditions; there needs to be some fundamental changes before next year's show.  If you have some specific suggestions, please email me... 

Now that it is Monday morning here in Florida, the show staff was able to sleep in beyond 5:30AM this morning. In fact we slept in until 8:30, we desperately needed the sleep!  The rest of the day includes fixing the truck due to some Tornado damage, picking up the HoneyBee Gyro that was stolen from my late friend Jim Norcia in 2000, Ms. Louanne is doing laundry, I am blogging, the engineering staff is laying around brain storming on our new show/training trailer. Lastly, I have to fly the Pink Single Place (call sign "Pink Panther") to Wauchula for Bensen Days. There are a 100 things that have to happen everyday when you are in "show season".   I know that shows are necessary but I look forward to beginning the BeeTours.

That about says it all!
Don't think for a minute that all of us don't absolutely love what we are doing; we do. The flip side of all the work is  making friends that love and appreciate the gyroplanes too.  Those friends come from  the internet via the BeeAlert List, those that comment on the Blog, those that call me and those that just show up at shows and offer a word of appreciation for what we are doing with the HoneyBee G2 line.  Building the company, developing a gyroplane line and flying are just a part of thrill; the making of friends is the best part.

Well, the day is already busy; there are only 85 more things to do....including flying to Wauchula!

I love my job!


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