Wednesday, November 21, 2012

When Dreams Come True!

As our flying season begins to suffer from the cold weather and shorter days, the available time slots for giving rides  get harder and harder to make work.  For instance, this morning we are big time fogged in, a condition that is a bit rare in November for sure.  Because the weather does not cooperate all the time, it is hard to get everyone a ride that wants a ride. This Fall, I have been wanting to some how fit in a friend of mine's father. As it so happens, this afternoon is going to work. I will have the distinct privilege of taking a real  gentleman flying; that spot is being filled by Ed Schrock.  Ed is 79 years old and a long time friend of my brother Mike. Ed is a great guy that has a positive influence on everyone he comes in contact with.  

For some background, Ed is a fixed wing pilot from way back. He used to own a Cessna 150 and in that airplane introduced all of his kids to aviation.  The ironic thing is that, like so many of you, Ed has always wanted to fly a Gyroplane. Well today, that dream comes true in nothing less than a G2 2PT.  

Who says that dreams don't come true!

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Take care,

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