Monday, February 21, 2011

Two-Place Tandem Update!

Many have written and asked about the status of the HoneyBee G2™ Two-Place Tandem.

Here you go....Because the Two-Place Tandem is the best training system for those that will fly a HoneyBee G2™, it was necessary to move the "Moving Mast" aft to accommodate a larger student weight range. It is now possible for a student with a weight of only 130#'s to fly the craft from the front seat and be within the correct hang angle. Further, the mast can be moved forward to accommodate a student as high as 350#'s and still be properly configured. This revision, though painful, is proving to be a great decision for the long-term.  That's not all, have you read the other revisions I posted  several weeks ago?

There will be an unveiling of several new frames and many features at the Spring Shows. If you are going, please RSVP via my e-mail to let me know you are coming. Our staff will do its best to accommodate your interest and questions in the HoneyBee G2™ line.

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