Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flying vs. Non-Flying Season: Things to pass the time...

Its Saturday morning here in the Winter Water Wonderland of Michigan!  It's 26 degrees and snow is forecast for the next 3 - 4 days.  The best part of Winter is that Spring is coming!

Michigan really only has two seasons, Flying Season and Non-Flying Season. During "Flying Season" there is an annoying event going on all over the State called Road Construction....I am sure other states do it too.  Right now (during Non-Flying Season) the   best use of time is first, get done the things that need to be done before the Flying Season begins.  When Flying Season is upon us, all I want to do is fly.  I want to fly 200 hours in HoneyBee G2's in 2011. We will see.... 

The second best thing to do during "Non-Flying Season" is to get together with your flying friends and have a big dinner, call it something cool like .....the 2011 Take Off Dinner, drive half way across the State(1), eat a huge dinner, talk flying all night, drive all the way back to Hastings and then fall in bed around 1AM in the morning.  Can you think of a better way to get recharged for the "Flying Season"? I can't think of a better use of "Non-Flying Season" time!!! 

Well this is exactly what a group of us are doing tonight!!!  The entourage is scheduled to leave our house at 2:15PM. Notice I said 2:15PM EST, not 2:16PM EST. Can you tell that I am looking forward to seeing my flying buds....several of this bunch fly HoneyBee's which makes it even better! 

My point in writing this morning is to encourage you to get involved in a local flying club. One that not only builds aircraft (better yet Gyroplanes!) and is social. When making this type of decision, one of the questions you need to ask the President of the club is "where is the coffee pot and did you bring the Apple Pie with you"? If the answer is "the pot is hot and right over there and no I brought fresh donuts this morning..." Brotha, you have just arrived at my kind of club! More than than likely, you are going to fit right in! Bay Area Rotorcraft & Ultralight Club(2) is THAT kind of club.  If you are in Michigan, come and join our club! We are PRA Chapter #32 and  ASC Chapter #82 and you will love it! 

If you can't come and join us, please find a club near you and get involved, build something, drink coffee, eat donuts and are in for a great time. You will make friends for life; flying is always best when shared with your friends....especially when "Flying Season" finally arrives!

'Til next time,


1. Footnotes: 
See: Michigan State University!!!; Recently MSU just gave (threw) a bone to U of M; We Stater's may mourn for a couple of days, but believe me brotha, WE will be cheering them all the way to the Final Four AGAIN....


Anonymous said...

If I had the Ultralight, can it be upgraded? For instance, if I wanted to add fuel tanks or upgrade the engine and register it as experimental further down the road. Can it be upgraded to practically a Microlight???

GyroJim said...

Dear Anonymous,

This is a great question! I have wondered that myself.

Sorry that it took me a couple of days to get back with a response. I needed to check with John Golda/FAA-FSDO, Grand Rapids, and Tom Taylor, President, PRA #32, BARUC for an authoritative answer. They were both very helpful.

Because the answer is too long for this responding post, I am going to create a larger post for ease of use and printing later for everyone.

Thanks for asking such a great question!


Verified with: John Golda, Grand Rapids, FAA-FSDO and Tom Taylor, President, PRA #32, BARUC