HoneyBee G2™ Ultralight Gyroplane UPDATED 11/11

The Ultralight version of the HoneyBee G2™ draws from the success of the Original HoneyBee Gyro. Using the parameters of the original aircraft our engineering staff has created a lighter, better looking and better handling Gyroplane that is specifically designed for those who prefer not to deal with the license requirements for heavier Gyroplanes.
The HoneyBee G2™ Ultralight is a straight forward, easy to build aircraft that will provide the builder with a great entry level experience into the exciting world of ultralight gyroplane flight. $17,995

This Package Includes: Complete Deluxe HoneyBee Yellow Powder Coated Airframe & Tail Group, MZ-202 60HP Engine With Electric Start, 64" Warp Drive Propeller, ZM2 UL Rotor Head/Electric Pre-rotator/Rotor Brake, Daytime VFR Instruments/UL Fiberglass Pod, Five-Gallon Spun Aluminum Tank, Suspension Landing Gear System, 24' Dragon Wing Blades

Empty Weight        250#’s (Part 103 Legal)
Gross Weight          580#’s
Useful Load            330 Total  (Includes 30 #’s of Fuel)
Engine                     MZ 202, 60 HP, Air Cooled/Electric Start
Fuel Capacity         5 Gallons (Part 103 Legal)
Range                      55 miles with 1 Gallon Reserve             
Blades                      Dragon Wings 24’

Cruise Speed          55 MPH
Maximum Speed   63 MPH (Part 103 Legal)
Minimum Speed    12 MPH
Climb                       Depending on weight/700FPM
Take Off                 300’
Landing                   25’

Standard Features:
Aluminum Tube Construction providing a simple bolt together construction system, aluminum tail group, Nose Wheel Brake, UL-ZM2 Rotor Head W/Pre-rotator & Brake, VFR Instruments with Fiberglass Pod, Five Gallon Aluminum Tank, Coil Spring Nose Gear, Fiberglass Rod Suspension System. Color: Standard HoneyBee Yellow

Custom Colors                      Add $500