Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Imprint™ Control System Integration!

Good Evening!

The first entries in my logbook in 1981 were in a beautiful, 1946 Cessna 120 out of a little strip on the Ohio River in Ona, WV; home of Chuck Yeager. Donny Chapman was a CFI extraordinaire for sure. He also went by the name "Okie Skidmore" so you kind of get the feeling that Donny was just a good old boy. He was kind enough to get me started on my journey to become a Private Pilot. What a gift that was Donny! Thank you!

His Cessna 120 (tail dragger) had a control wheel. A couple of hours later I went onto fly a tired old Cessna 150 (tricycle gear) with Ricky Jones out of Robert Newlon Field along the Ohio River just outside of Huntington, WV; it had a control yoke and was very different from the 120. Four or five hours later I was in a Cessna 182 with more knobs and gauges than I had ever seen.  Then my internship was done in WV and I was off to Michigan again where I would eventually settle down and begin flying a tired old Cessna 152 out of Hastings, MI. It was a piece of junk too. It has more gauges than the 120, less power than the 182 and the nose gear shimmied so bad that you had to do soft field take offs every time or you would shake the nose wheel off the airplane. Two attorneys eventually crashed it to put it out of its misery. Later on I would finish my Private Pilot License in one of two 172's that I flew out of Lowell City Airport in Lowell, MI. Both of these aircraft were at the extreme of equipment and power and feel and on and on it goes. 

So what is my point? How we survive flying (and getting our Sport or Private Pilot License) in such different and sometimes junky old airplanes at the average FBO is beyond reason. It is a tribute to our tenacity for sure!  This is precisely the reason for  the G2 Imprint™ Control System! That's right, every Single Place-Standard and above will have the critical controls in the same place allowing you, the customer/student/etc. the simplicity of being "Imprint™" by habits that transfer directly to your single or two place HoneyBee G2. 

Expanding on this more....Train in a G2 2PT and then transition to your Single Place-Standard/Deluxe/HP or 2PT with identical controls!  This will result in better transitions, safer-confidence building experiences and overall, a life-time start on the best possible Gyroplane experience in the world. Seriously.....

If we always do, what we have always done, we will always get what we have always got....

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