Friday, October 12, 2012

Flying At 9D9 Today!

Today I had  the distinct privilege of taking two friends flying.   Jeff was the first. This was Jeff's first ride in a Gyroplane.  Jeff brought his camera and took aerial pictures of his house and his beautifully manicured yard while we did a side-wards descent to it.  We flew all over Barry County and enjoyed the beautiful Fall color here in West Michigan. What a blast. Jeff, one question for you....I forgot to ask you what color you want your G2 to be? 

The second passenger was our Jeremy (University Of Michigan guy) and my adopted Son in the Gyro World!  Jeremy has been flying with me since early Spring this year.  Because it has been such a busy year,  he and I simply have not had much time to fly together.  Due to the re-schedule of another passenger today, Jeremy and I got to go up together and work on some good solid, Practical Test Standard procedures. Jeremy did a great job on Turn Around A Point, emergency field selection and initial procedures to get there and  finally acrostics; HOT-GLUMPSR & HAT-Te-MeR for those that have ridden with me before.  We got right up to the "Cake" of Class C airspace for Kent County Airport too.  We worked on trim conditions and setting the aircraft up for a nose or tail heavy condition and how to read the telltale of airspeed and what to do to correct it. 

The best part about my job is seeing people flying what I love and have committed so much of my life to.  It is great to fly!

I love flying Gyroplanes...
...especially with my Friends,

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