Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Flying In Michigan

When I looked at the weather at 6:50AM it was 38 Degrees. Later in the morning it will be in the Mid-40's and by the afternoon low to mid 50's.  Heatwave coming for sure!  Let's give it a couple of hours to "warm up" a bit.

I have always enjoyed flying in the cooler  weather.  Aircraft of all types fly better in the cooler air, the same is true for Gyroplanes. Blades work better, engines run cooler and the Fall color can be breathtaking at times.  There has been one very obvious difference flying this Fall over last Fall however. Last year on an average flight, I would see between 40 -50 deer on every flight. "Buck sightings" were common place...spikes, 4's, 6's, 8's and once in awhile, a Monster Buck.  That my friends has changed here in Michigan. Our deer population has really taken a beating due to EHD. It is sad to loose deer this way. 

For those coming to fly with me over the next couple of weeks however, please remember to bring your cameras and warm clothing. If we don't see deer, we will go take pictures of some of the beautiful fall colors exploding here in West Michigan!

Pure Michigan!

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