Friday, August 31, 2012

New Single Place-Deluxe G2 Begins!

Good afternoon!

When we sent the airframes to Brazil, there was one  Yamaha Blue G2 MicroLight in the group that was absolutely beautiful. In fact, it was a MicroLight just like I would love to have! It had a ROTAX 582, 14 gallons of fuel, 24V pre-rotator,  the big wheels/tires/brakes, etc, etc.... It will be a great machine for one of our friends in Brazil!  

"Chiming" in on that sentiment, it is not everyday that we get to "group build" an aircraft that that does more  than just get shipped out the door. In the picture above is one that is being "group built" by our guys.  Jimmie is doing some wrenching, Jeremy will build the harness for the 503 harness, I will twist some wrenches once in awhile, Don is going to supervise and make sure that the Builders Log gets filled out.  Our reason for building this aircraft  is to get our guys into a great time-builder aircraft; there is nothing like a G2 MicroLight with 14 Gallons of gas to do that.  

To make it an even better time builder, we are adding a few extras. This Single Place-Deluxe G2 (Fomally known as the MicroLight G2) will additionally have:  
  1. The Surround/Arm Rest Option that also comes with the floor
  2. The Deluxe Instrument Pod with the Garmin 196, ICOM A210 and the Garmin GTX 327 Transponder so that we can fly into Kent County Airport/Class "C" Airspace. Won't that be hoot! 
  3. This frame is going to get a ROTAX 503/46 HP engine installed.  It was a very low-time engine that Tom Taylor redid for me. Overall, the company has about $1,100 in the engine. The 503 is a great engine; wish they were still available. 

More on this Beautiful little G2 next week!

Have a great Holiday!

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