Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ooooh la la!

Okay G2™ Fans....

There is so much going on here at AWI.  Of the 40 some updates that have been published on this blog to date, I believe that each has delivered the look, touch and feel that one  would expect from the HoneyBee G2™ Line of gyroplanes. 

One of the largest elements of the design (though not discussed much) has been the full enclosure for the Single & Two HoneyBee G2™  platforms.    My friend Tony Morrill, 3TD Creative/T3DCreative, has captured the exact look that our design Team has been dreaming of.  For that, the AWI Team is so grateful to have such a perfect partner. Rarely does a partner come along with a perfect vision of where a product line like the HoneyBee G2™ is going!  For that, we say a HUGE Thank you to Tony! 

There is much more to show you! 



Usagi6 said...


GyroJim said...

I am glad that you like what you see, I do too. I find myself looking at the pictures, dreaming of the day when I can fly year round in total comfort.

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Anonymous said...


I think the shape and look of your enclosure is truly a work of art. It will certainly attract many new buyers to your machines. My concern with the design is there doesn't seem to be enough vertical surface behind the center of gravity to balance out the large sides of the cabin in front of the COG. Secondly the front end is very aerodynamically shaped and looks designed to be capable of high speeds but you didn't continue the cabin on the back end over the engine and I believe you will find that will cause more drag than the gains you make with the front end. I believe if you were to finish fairing over the engine and add a little more vertical fin to the tail, it would be an ideal design.

P.S. I love the storage area. That is something that is simply not available on most Gyros, so way to go!!!

Best of luck with this project.

Doug Barker

GyroJim said...

Hey Doug,

Thank you for your post. I too just love the overall design elements of the full enclosure. I am so geeked about where this entire project is going.

Getting back to your comments and concerns, you are correct. There currently isn’t enough vertical area behind the COG as it currently is. The good news is that there are more design elements that will address your insights. The renderings over the next few days should show more of these final elements. Once finalized, the engineering staff will make a “scaled mockup” of the aircraft (similar to what Jay Carter has done for his) and complete a wind tunnel test. Testing this way will insure that the aircraft will remain directionally stable over its entire speed range. Tandem gyros (that sport partial and full enclosures) can have directional trouble at slow speed. At lower air speeds the large “nose areas” overpower the vertical tail area/moments values and they will swap ends in flight which can have disastrous results. We will test and retest to insure that this does not occur with the G2.

As to the engine compartment area and how to finish it off, our plan is to offer a rear engine cover that is specific to the engine installation. At that point we will do even more of the “go fast stuff” to reduce drag and really optimize the enclosure effort.

Also, I agree with you on the storage; if you are going to travel in a gyroplane you simply need room to store your clothes, clubs and shoes!

Doug, thank you for you your post!

Take care,